14 Days of The Simple Carnival, Day 2: Really Really Weird remixes

14-days-of-the-simple-carnival-03Welcome to Day 2 of the 14 Days of The Simple Carnival!

Every day until February 14 (Valentine’s Day), I’ll be posting one cool, free Simple Carnival thing.

On February 14, The Simple Carnival’s new (and final) album, Smitten, will be released. It’s been nine years since The Simple Carnival has released an album, so I’d like to celebrate the occasion by sharing a bunch of good stuff over these 14 days.

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You’ve listened to yesterday’s free download, The Simple Carnival’s Girls Aliens Food album, right? If you like the opening track on that album, “Really Really Weird”…

…you’re in luck. Today’s Simple Carnival thing is a whole lot of that song.

In 2008, I held a “Really Really Weird” remix contest, where the raw multitrack recording for that song was posted online and electronic artists were invited to creatively mangle those tracks into something new. A panel of judges ranked the mixes, and the winner (DrummerMan) received a circuit-bent Casio SK-1 sampler that I had used on the song. It was a fun experiment and some very impressive remixes were created. However, nine years is a long time on the internet, and the web sites where this happened have pretty much disappeared.

Anyway, nothing posted on the internet is lost forever, so today’s Simple Carnival thing is a download of the “Really Really Weird” remixes from that contest:


All of the “Really Really Weird” remixes have been released under a Creative Commons 2.0 non-commercial license, so feel free to share your favorite versions far and wide.

But there’s one more thing…Besides the above collection of remixes, here are the original multitracks for “Really Really Weird”, so you can hear what a Simple Carnival recording sounds like when all of the fancy effects have been stripped away:


Feel free to do your own remix and send me the result. Just be aware that there’s no vintage Casio sampler waiting for you if you do it well. Have fun and enjoy!

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Get The Simple Carnival’s fantastic final album, Smitten, from Bandcamp or iTunes!